Alber's Plgrims




This is a series of studies fusing the form of an architypical "pilgrim hat" and the organizational structure of Joseph Alber's famous square color studies.

Record printed intaglio




I created this with students at Ox Bow Art School and Residency in Michagan. It is affiliated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Turtle Dogs




These are a part of a large series od small objects i have made through gluing to getehr fragments of different small plastic toys.

plastic cup terrain study 




I spent the afternoon gluing cups in to an undulating

pattern that spanned my small counter space.  This was used for an unfinished video.

Mind your own business cards




Small edition of letter press printed business card.

Made in collaboration with Mary Banas.





This is a series of drawings made of a food item after I order it and before it arrives.  These drawing were made for instagram in response to the numerous photographs of food that are posted to instagram each day.

parking ticket sketchbook




Several sketchbook made from the envelope parking tickets are placed in at UConn.  The goal here is to make something creative out of something negative or destructive.

Backyard Configurations





A series of digital collages made using my iPhone while a resident at The Blue House Residency.  Images of objects I casually observed and photographed on the property are repeated to make the illusion of something more complicated.  Thinking of historical building processes and structures like pyramids, ziggurats  and temples.

Cereal Box Paintings



Paintings created using cereal boxes as the substrate.  This work is about abstraction and interpreting colors of package design through the painting process.  I think eating cereal and painting have a lot in common: different colors suspended on a white surface.

Fruity Loop Study





Different projects involving popular breakfast cereals.

Chain Restaurant Structures



This series of collages is made using my iPhone.  These are structures created using the same building repeated and resized to create a larger structure.  Referencing pyramids, ziggurats and aqueducts, and the ubiquity of franchised fast food establishments.  I wanted to create a shape or structure that would draw attention to the accumulation of these restaurants and the iconic nature of their architecture.

Fast Food Fires



While compiling images for the Chain Restaurant Structures Studies I saw a few images of burning fast food restaurants.   All of these images are retrieved from Google Image search.  I find these images to be equally attractive and repulsive, dangerous and humorous, apocalyptic and hopeful.  The fact that these building exist in any town or city in America these moments of destruction are very close to me and very far away at the same time. 

Bugle Study Project



The Bugle study is a small series of actions, videos and drawings in response to the formal, conceptual and scientific implications of the General Mills snack food Bugles.  I purchased ten bags of Bugles and brought them in to the studio to find out more about a snack food that intrigued me as a youth, ideas of fitting bugles on the tips of fingers combined with the symbology of the cornucopia create an interesting place to interpret meaning.  I am interested in the word “bugle” as a distorted form of onomatopoeia: the word sounds like the instrument sounds, and visually the word is shaped like the object it represents, which is illustrated in one of the studies.   

Bugle Burn


Through the Bugle Study Project I discovered that bugles are highly flammable and create unexpected moments when set on fire.  Parts of this video are sped up 300%.


1:21 minutes, single channel video

Bugle Devil


This video is also the result of the Bugle Study Project described above.


0:16 minutes, single channel video

Chicken Bone Dinosaur



Dinosaur made from chicken bones.  Anatomically correct model of an Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus) skeleton.  Each primary feature of the skeleton is anatomically correct and most bones correlate: the chickens femur is also the Apatosaurus femur, ect.


Chicken bones, wire, toothpicks, spackle, wood.


PB&J Dinosaur



Apatosaurus skeleton made from peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts. This piece is an investigation of nostalgia, science and playing with food.


Bread, peanut butter, jelly, adhesive, wire, wood, 40x18 inches.


Objects Collages



This is a series of collages that combine images of consumer goods from magazines.  These are studies and inspiration for my drawings and prints, which also investigate structure continuity between disparate parts.


Hulk Cakes



This series is about nostalgia, representation and domestic expression. The Hulk Cakes are images found online of cakes decorated with images of the comic book hero, The Incredible Hulk. The cakes are manifestations of childhood obsessions and adults’ equal devotion to satisfy these requests.  Hulk Cakes is also a play on the term “beef cake” and a nod to the retro phenomena of scantily clad women jumping out of cakes.


Dinosaur and Pope John Paul II



Collages made from images of Pope John Paul II visiting Ireland combined with image of dinosaurs.  This series is about parallels between science and religion.  Placing the Pope with dinosaurs in a playful context is a way of finding resolution between belief and reality.


Prias Paparazzi



Over a two-year period I attempted to photograph every Prius that I saw on the highway, ultimately collecting over 400 images from all over the United States. Celebrity endorsement of the car motivated me to obscure each Prius with a Chroma-key green silhouette, implying the potential to project constructed ideals on to a vehicle while using the word “green” as a verb, noun, adjective and a lifestyle.



Survival Amalgam



A few sketches inspired by combining iconic structures from books I enjoyed as a youth.  I was curious about connection between the aesthetic and motivation for the structures and the characters that built or used them.  I have thought about constructing this fictional structure in a real space, but at this point it is much like the stories that inspired the project, more potent  in theory than practice.


Collage Studies



A series of collages embracing Dada methods of observationreconfigure moments of pop culture and media from my youth.  Like many concepts embraced by Surrealism and Dada these images are also inspired by Freudian analysis and images of sexuality intersecting with mundane contexts in order to reveal hidden meaning or latent desire.