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Founded in 2021 at

ChaNorth Artist Residency

Pine Plains, NY

Skull Tower 4E is an experimental sound project developed by collaborating visual artists John O’Donnell and Peter Fulop. 


Their approach is gestural and guided by spontaneous composition in response to the visuals of silent film. Using violin, guitar, circuit-bent toys and analogue tape loops they find blends of melody and texture to develop soundscapes populated by glitches.



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Upcoming September 2022

A sound based performance project created in response to the silent film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror.  A German expressionist film released in 1922, it is now part of the public domain.  Innovative and controversial upon its release, it is still admired for its visual artistry and haunting ideas.  The original score was performed live by an orchestra at the film's premiere. However, most of the score has been lost. Because of this, throughout the history of Nosferatu screenings, there is no official soundtrack.  Over the last one hundred years many composers and musicians have written or improvised their own soundtrack to accompany the film.  Building on a history of incongruous scores, the collaborating artist duo Skull Tower 4E composes a score that embraces dark ambiance and the language of experimental noise music. They create atmospheric passageways of sound to guide viewers through this film's environs and the ominous roads that lead to Nosferatu’s castle.


Composition 0604


This track is a collaborative sound-based project inspired by loose principles of noise music. The collaborators use violin, tape-loops, analog synthesizers and circuit bent toys to develop a composition that addresses ideas of historical cycles and degradation.



Dead Colony

Composition 1206

The collaborators use guitar, tape-loops, analog synthesizers and circuit bent toys to develop a composition that responds to the dismal prospects of failed space travel.



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