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I am a printmaker and new media artist who uses a variety of mediums to convey a variety of messages. My work utilizes appropriated images and objects relating to art history, popular media and consumer culture to create rough-hewn assemblages.  This collage sensibility reflects temporary solutions and failed ambitions within a culture saturated with irony and perpetual innuendo.


My practice as a new media artist addresses artifice, awkward transitions, humor, gender and media representation through video, installation and performance.  As a printmaker I use a variety of traditional and experimental techniques to address formal and conceptual topics pertaining to illusion, construction, failure and nostalgia.  Ultimately, I am a studio artist compelled to create images that locate an ambiguous degree of resolution through applied awareness of content and form.

Press about my practice:

New York Times

South Coast Today

New Haven Independent

UConn Today

Dayton City Paper

Two Coats of Paint

The Art Blog





Originally commissioned by Artspace, Inc, for City-Wide Open Studios with support

from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Connecticut Office of the Arts.




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